All Grown Up

little girl with dad dressed in super heroes, happy loving family

Yesterday, I saw a very excellent tweet that said something like “Being a grown up is expensive, and also I’m not having a very good time right now.”

Something like that. I wish I’d flagged it.

Being a grown up is tough. You have to pay bills on time and do things like go to work (or stay home and write books) even when you don’t want to, because being a grown up is expensive.

But two things happened today that make being a grown up worthwhile.

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Game Day!


The Pick Up is out in less than a month. I keep alternating between excited dancing and blind panic. I’m told this is normal.

Meanwhile, my mom, who has never read a romance novel in her life, is working her way through her advance copy (moms get perks) and periodically asking herself why her little girl is writing romance stories about two men. She’s cool with it, she just wants to understand why.

I’m still not sure I have a succinct answer for her.

But! If you, like her, are new to the genre, I have a fun new game to play. You can try it with The Pick Up, or any other m/m title that tickles your fancy!

Presenting…m/m romance bingo, courtesy of the awesome and hilarious Tanya Chris!

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New Feature!


We’re closing in on the home stretch here folks. And with any book launch comes…book reviews!

You guys, I got my first real review this week! And it was kind of awesome. The good folks at RT Book Reviews got ahold of The Pick Up, and I think they kinda liked it!

“Temple’s debut is a slice-of-life romance firmly rooted in the small town and domestic. Full of snippets of family life and dinner conversations between friends, The Pick Up is cozy and sweet, and the developing relationship between a parent and teacher contains compelling psychological realism. It’s well written, although at times its wholehearted embrace of the quotidian felt like it needed a bit of spicing up. This is the first in the Up Red Creek series. Readers are sure to enjoy it for its lovable cast of characters and sheer heart.”

And because good news should be shared, I’ve set up a review page, so we can share the love! If you read The Pick Up and love it, tag me, so I can boost you and your kind words in the process!

This is your friendly reminder that The Pick Up is out March 5, but if you pre-order the e-copy it from Riptide now, you’ll get it 48 hours early!




Late Nights in Bookstores

I’m having a book hangover. Unfortunately the source is said hangover is my own book. You guys, I’m plotting out The Set Up, and while I’m excited for all the sexy juice bar goodness (and you should be too), I really miss the guys from The Hang Up and the cozy world of their bookstore.

And then the Facebook gods bestowed this little gem on me, and you should all watch it right now!

I saw this video five years ago, and it’s just as magical today. This bookstore is even in Toronto! I might go check it out and pretend Seb is lurking just behind the next shelf!

What’s the last book that gave you a hangover?


2018 – New Adventures, More Good Stuff



Not an actual picture of my house, but with this cold snap, it sure feels like it.

On this day last year, I wrote a post about my goals for 2017. It wasn’t a resolution post, because resolutions are about what you want to change, and I wanted to focus on keeping up the things that were working in my life. A lot has changed on its own since then, but the good stuff remains, broadly, the same. So here’s how I did and what I’m going to do about it this year.

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Follow the Instructions


Time for everyone’s favourite topic! Resolutions! Or, in this case, lessons learned. Gather round, pretend I know what I’m talking about, and listen closely!

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It’s Here!

It’s here! Thanks to The Novel Approach for hosting my cover reveal. You guys, I can’t tell you how excruciating it has been to sit on this adorable cover for the last month. So cute! The flailing in this house when the proofs came in was extensive!


The Pick Up is coming March 5 from Riptide, but you can pre-order now! I’ll post links to Amazon and the rest of the crew as soon as I have them!