Nana Through the Looking Glass


“Whether I knew it then or not, I’ve been a writer since the second grade, when I wrote a short story about a girl and her horse. My grandmother typed it out for me and said she’d never seen so many quotation marks from a seven-year-old before.”

You’ll recognize this if you’ve read my bio (on this blog, in my books, or elsewhere). I guess you could say my Nana was my first editor.

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We Can Be Heroes

Tomorrow is tomato sauce day. In honour of that proud tradition, here’s a post from my non-author blog about the time the tomatoes nearly killed us!

Plates and Pins

I come from a family of planners and doers. We make a plan, we do it.

This is an oversimplification. We make a plan, then we modify the plan, then we modify the modified plan, then we go back to the initial plan, but with a different set of modifications. We once sent 45 emails in 36 hours to plan a family Christmas party. I should mention we started planning said party in August.

When my cousin Adelaide turned 16, there was an epic Facebook argument over which family member would teach her to drive, despite her repeated protestations that she didn’t want to learn how to drive. No matter. When she is ready, we have a plan, complete with contingencies and ad hoc support.

Perhaps the best example of this proclivity to overdo things comes not from a plan, but from a trophy. When my grandfather turned 65, my family…

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The Shake Up

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So the bad news is that, in this post-GDPR era, it doesn’t make financial sense for me to keep paying Instafreebie to list my books every month. The number of new subscribers and group giveaways has dropped off significantly since May and it just wasn’t worth it to keep The Hook Up and The Wake up there.

The good news is, they’re not gone for good! If you haven’t read them, and want to, they’re available to all newsletter subscribers! Sign up to receive the monthly A-List and I’ll send you links to download one (or both!) of my free Red Creek shorts.

And if you’re already a subscriber who missed out when they were readily accessible, but you still want a copy, just hit me up on social media, and I will hook you up!

Do You Even Snap?


Your Favourite Social Media Platform

(this post is based on the Marketing for Romance Writers 52 Week Challenge)

Twitter. It’s a cesspool of righteous indignation, but I’ve met some of my favourite writerly people there. And unlike Facebook, it shows me those people with at least a semi-predictable level of consistency. And unlike Instagram, I get new content regularly.

Does it help me sell more books? Debatable. But it’s helped me find my online voice and connect with some great people