No Singing!


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My most memorable experience?

(this post is based on the Marketing for Romance Writers 52 Week Challenge)

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Do You Even Snap?


Your Favourite Social Media Platform

(this post is based on the Marketing for Romance Writers 52 Week Challenge)

Twitter. It’s a cesspool of righteous indignation, but I’ve met some of my favourite writerly people there. And unlike Facebook, it shows me those people with at least a semi-predictable level of consistency. And unlike Instagram, I get new content regularly.

Does it help me sell more books? Debatable. But it’s helped me find my online voice and connect with some great people

About Chapter 25

The risks of living my author life in the open


Earlier this week, I tweeted a tweet.

It got more retweets and likes than almost anything else I’ve ever tweeted. I didn’t mean to, but I think I hit on a Writer Twitter nerve. So many of us write on the side, in our spare time, our stolen moments. Or we write out in the open, but under the cover of a pen name, an online persona. Writers, especially a lot of the queer writers and the writers of queer fiction, that I know, live in fear that Facebook will inadvertently recommend their author profile to a friend or family as someone ‘you might also know’. Writers are afraid, while secretly dreaming of sharing our writing lives with friends and family who accept it without blinking an eye.

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