My Books

I’m always writing, but here’s what’s far enough along to tell you about.

The Pick Up (Contemporary M/M Romance)

Kyle Fennell is going backwards. A family crisis has forced him back to his hometown with his six-year old daughter. He’s living with his dad, barely holding a job and looking for a way out of his rut as fast as possible.
Adam Hathaway has built a solid, stable life around his career in Red Creek. He loves his job, loves being close to family, and has done everything he can to keep his life on an even keel. But when the Fennells blow into his professional and personal life, he’s not sure he will be able to weather their storm alone, or if he even wants to.
Status: Currently querying. Would you like to publish it?

One Night Stand (Short Contemporary M/F Romance)

Before Kyle was a struggling single dad, he was an underpaid underfed event coordinator. Then he meets Olivia, and one night changes everything.

Status: Temporarily out of circulation. 

Late Nights at the Blue Vixen (Contemporary M/F Romance)

After six years of putting others first, Marilee is finally ready to get her life and her career back on track. But when her dream job falls through before it’s barely begun, she’s left scrambling to keep herself afloat in a strange city where she knows no one.
Gavin has a knack for adopting hopeless causes. Which is how he finds himself the proud owner of the Blue Vixen, Richmond’s seediest bar. He’s got plans, but it’s hard to get them off the ground when his clientele thinks PBR is the height of sophistication. Then his sister drops a wannabe cook in his lap like an orphaned puppy.
Gavin and Marilee might actually want the same things, including each other. But the Vixen has a life of her own, and it will take everything Gavin and Marilee have to keep her going.
Status: First draft done. Editing to make the Vixen shine!

Fallen (Working Title) (Paranormal M/M Romance)

This one’s super new, so I can’t say a lot about it. It’s a bit different from my previous efforts. There’s angels. Demons. Haunted convents. It’s going to be awesome, I promise.

Status: Just starting out. Turns out angels are assholes, so it’s slow going. Want to know more?

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