The Secret Life of Books


What I learned while researching my book

(this post is based on the Marketing for Romance Writers 52 Week Challenge)

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The Wake Up is Live!

Wake Up Cover bakerIf you’re reading this, then The Wake Up is out and about and ready for your reading pleasure!

There’s is only one man Jackson would get out of bed for . . . or invite to his bed, if he got that lucky. Unfortunately, Matt Kingston only has eyes for Jackson’s buns, which would be great . . . if Jackson weren’t a baker. A year of pining and wooing with sprouted wheat has been fruitless, and Jackson is ready to give up, but it turns out Matt has a secret of his own. If only he were better at rising to the occasion.

The Wake Up is a free short story set in Red Creek and I can’t wait for you to read it. So clickity click over to Instafreebie to get your copy now!

Writing with Kindness


If you can’t handle criticism, get out of the pool.

If you don’t have the fundamentals of grammar, there is no hope for you as a writer.

How many of you have heard something like that in your writers groups?

You’ll never get better if we don’t tell you what you’ve done wrong.

There’s always that one guy (and I’m sorry, but it is often a guy) in your MFA who thinks he knows exactly what your work needs, even though his manuscript about a sentient and altruistic centipede in a dystopian hellscape is just as unfinished as yours.

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Coming Soon…

Wake Up Cover bakerJune is a big month. It’s Pride. It’s also my birthday!

The best gift you can give an author is a review or a note telling them how much you liked her book.

The best gift an author can give you is a free book!

Presenting The Wake Up!

Jackson is a baker who has never been lucky in love. His hopeless crush on Matt, the tattooed cook who only has eyes for Jackson’s buns, seems doomed. But sometimes appearances are deceiving, and sometimes a baker has to rise to the challenge.

The Wake Up is a free short set in Red Creek and it’s my birthday gift to you for being awesome. It’ll be going out to newsletter subscribers on Wednesday, so sign up for that if you want to get it ASAP. Everyone else will get it shortly after. I can’t wait for you to read it.

If you’re itchy for something to read now, check out my Free Reads page and download a copy of The Hook Up or, if you really wanted to give me the best gift ever, clicky click over to The Pick Up and grab a copy from your online book retailer of choice!