Don’t Freak Out

I already freaked out for you, so don’t bother.

But The Pick Up is available for pre-order on the Riptide Website. Would do you me a favour and go check it out?

Kyle’s life is going backwards. He wanted to build a bigger life for himself than Red Creek could give him, but a family crisis has forced him to return to his hometown with his six-year-old daughter. Now he’s standing in the rain at his old elementary school, and his daughter’s teacher, Mr. Hathaway, is lecturing him about punctuality. 

Adam Hathaway is not looking for love. He’s learned the hard way to keep his personal and professional life separate. But Kyle is struggling and needs a friend, and Adam wants to be that friend. He just needs to ignore his growing attraction to Kyle’s goofy charm, because acting on it would mean breaking all the rules that protect his heart.

Putting down roots in this town again is not Kyle’s plan. As soon as he can, he’s taking his daughter and her princess costumes and moving on. The more time he spends with Adam, though, the more he thinks the quiet teacher might give him a reason to stay. Now he just has to convince Adam to take a chance on a bigger future than either of them could have planned.

The cover is coming soon (and it is ADORABLE), but you really want to read this book, right? Coming March 5!!


Coming Down from GRL



Holy smokes am I tired! Years ago, JK Hogan, after her first GRL, told me that if I ever went, I had to remember to take an extra day off when I got back. As I was falling asleep last night, I had the thought that I could probably go to work today and function reasonably well.

Then I slept until 10:30 this morning and nearly burned a grilled cheese at lunch so…

Thanks, Kristen, for your excellent advice!

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… To the Sublime

Funny story: Jay (Mr. Temple says I can call him Jay) is a city boy, born and bred. I am a small town girl in my heart, despite over a decade in the city. And yet, when it comes to camping, Jay is down for it and I am…

I am a princess, okay? Camping is cold and damp. It involves eating two-day old cold cuts being kept marginally cool in an increasingly soggy cooler. It’s lying awake at night, wondering if the noise outside your tent is a raccoon, a moose, or a bear with a taste for the flesh of nervous romance writers.

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No Thing Sunday, Vegas Style 


Mr. Temple and I do something called No-Thing Sundays at home, wherein in we attempt to do as few things as possible. It sounds more intentional than Nothing Sundays, which to me sounds like you just kind of let the day slip by.

The Vegas version of a No-Thing Sunday involves rolling out of bed a the shiny our of 7:30, because jetlag’s a bitch. Fortunately, coffee fixes all grievances and a chocolate croissant is just the little bow on top.

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From the Ridiculous…

The Road To GRL – Part 1

Six years ago, Mr. Temple and I came to Las Vegas to see good friends get married. We flew in on a Friday night, taking the last non-stop flight from Toronto. We were supposed to land around 10 pm, but a sick passenger and several delays later, we checked into our hotel at midnight. We were tired, but felt like we should celebrate, so we went to the lobby bar and had a cocktail. As we settled into bed sometime around 1 am (that would be 4 am Toronto time) I whispered to Mr. Temple “if jet lag wakes you up in four hours, don’t wake me up.”

The next thing I heard was a whispered voice.

“Are you awake?”

“What time is it?”


We weren’t married at the time, but the way I felt in that moment, it’s a miracle we got down the aisle at all.

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My Mom Might See This


Last week there was much righteous angst and furor over Romance’s ‘feature’ in the New York Time Book Review. Apparently it started out promising, with an entwined couple on the review’s cover. The NYT promised readers a Roundup of the Season’s Romances. Then things started to fall apart, the roundup written by someone who either has an axe to grind or couldn’t be bothered to do anything like research.

By the time I heard about the sexist and patronizing drivel contained in said roundup, the editorials and angry rants had already started happening online. I mean, some of the books cited weren’t even published this season, or even in this decade. What was the point of the title? And then the review’s author rounded it all up with “Why shouldn’t women dream?”

Thanks. I didn’t need your permission. I’ll dream on my own terms.

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No New Ideas

Nearly done editing (for now), which means I’m going back to drafting Martin and Seb. I’ll introduce you to them properly soon, but the basic premise is this:

Martin is an out of work university professor who’s come to Red Creek to live with his brother. The only job he can get is working part time at Dog Ears Used Book Store. It’s humiliating that it’s come to this, but he’ll manage. What he doesn’t plan on is the prickly artist who lives upstairs from the store, Seb.

Seb has his own view of things. His work involves cutting up the unsellable books at Dog Ears and turning them into something new. Martin prizes the written word above everything, and Seb’s work doesn’t sit well with him. Seb sees Martin as just another academic snob.

You can guess what happens.

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