img_20151228_151538Books and stories have been a centrepiece in my life since my dad inflicted Terry Jones’s Fairy Tales on me at the age of I-don’t-remember (at least The Cake Horse wasn’t too scary). terry-jones-fairy-tales

Romance stories have been a centrepiece in my life since I accidentally bought a vampire novel in a drugstore and innocently didn’t realize that mind-blowing sex came as part of the package.

Today my writing centres around realistic people looking for their place in the world, armed with determination and a side of quippy banter. If love seems to find them, it’s just what the characters tell me to do.

So far, none of my characters want to brave Canadian winters, but it’s only a matter of time.

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I am now represented by Laura Zats from Red Sofa Literary. She likes beer and cats. I like beer and cats. We’re a good team.