Vacation Reading List


Mr. Temple and I are leaving on a cruise on Friday. We’ve known each other for 11 years, and we have never taken a vacation like this. We’re much more of the ‘go somewhere and do stuff’ type of traveler. Lounging by the pool will be new for us. Given all that free time, I thought I should stock up on my reading. Thank goodness for ebooks, because my suitcase would definitely be over the weight limit if I had to bring all these in paper. Here are some of the titles I’m bringing.

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Dear Grammar Nazis

If you’re one of those people who enjoys correcting people who mix up ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ in social media posts, stop reading here.

Seriously, there are lots of great posts on this blog (try this one, have you met Kyle?), but this one is not for you.

stop-863665_1280Still there? I assume you’ve been warned.

Look, I understand that no one likes a grammatically weak book. Or blog post. Or status update. But the very term of Grammar Nazi makes my skin crawl. Here’s why.

A Very Important Post

This is a short but VERY IMPORTANT POST!

My short story, One Night Stand, is going  to be part of a big Ninja Writers giveaway next week. There will be a tonne of great authors participating, and lots of stories for you to pick up.


I’m excited. Like super excited. I want you to read One Night Stand now! So here’s the deal. I’ll be sending out a newsletter tomorrow that includes a link where you can get One Night Stand for free. This is only available to subscribers! All you have to do is sign up here, and you’ll get the link tomorrow!

See how easy that is?

Also, I’m super super excited about this cover. Who wouldn’t want to read this?


Kyle is just a mild mannered event planner trying to do his job when Olivia stomps up to him at a charity art auction and accuses him of ruining her painting. Kyle has no way to know that tonight is going to change his life forever.

See? You want to read this story. Sign up here.