A Tale of Three Queer Romances


I had Christmas lunch today with co-workers, including a new team member. After a glass (or two) of pinot gris, my straight middle aged boss says “Tell the new guy what you do in your free time!” I look at the new guy, he looks at me. I know he’s trying to guess what I’m going to say, but there’s no way he can. He’s thinking I foster cats or arrange flowers. Maybe paint abstract watercolours. The words are still tricky to get off my tongue, but I say “I wrote a gay romance novel.” I can see the new guy was not expecting that. The people around me laugh hysterically. I assume they’re laughing at his expression and not my literary aspirations. New guy looks baffled.

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100 Days – I Can Explain


I know, I know. It’s been quiet around here lately. I could tell you all about the successes I’ve had but just didn’t blog about. Or about all my good intentions. But the truth is, if I were in any kind of shape, I wouldn’t need to bribe myself with a 100 day challenge that says fitness, but is mostly about the writing, would I?

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