100 Days – Baby it’s Cold Outside


Working out like a writer entered a new phase today. Winter is here. It’s already frigging cold outside and it’s barely below freezing. But I’ve had a good run this weekend now that I’m finally feeling better and, after all, I’m Canadian, eh? So I put on my boots and coat and hat and gloves and…

Ok, so today’s walk was about 20% motivated by a sense of accountability to you guys, and about 80% that I knew there was a Starbucks Holiday Spice Flat White waiting for me in the middle of it. I know Starbucks Flat White aren’t truly flat whites like you get in Australia, but those Holiday Spice ones…man…I’d walk through a blizzard to get one of those.

Anyway, winter is upon us, the snow is flying, and I’m going to do my best to keep warm and keep active. It’s so easy as writers to use this time of year to hibernate, but I’m going to keep myself moving. My body will thank me.

Here’s a winter workout poem:

The scent of holiday flat white spice
Is so delicious and very nice
As winter takes the place of fall
I’ll order a grande, and not a tall

100 Day Summary

Day 14 — A little more walking
Minutes today — 40
Total minutes —400

100 days of exercise and blogging (mostly blogging these days) is a lot. Would you like updates sent to your inbox instead of checking them here? Sign up for notifications here. I’ll even throw in a free short story!


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