100 Days – Corsets and Hoop Skirts

photo-1466027785809-90d27831b9bdStill sick. Getting better, but anything more elaborate than climbing a short flight of stairs leaves me feeling like debutante with her corset strings pulled too tight. So it’s one more night on the couch for me.

With a lot of couch time comes a lot of TV. I’ve already told you about my misadventures with Bollywood and cough syrup. This week I’ve gone for something a little safer – costume dramas! What’s better when you’re trying to lie low and stay calm, than two hours of romance in which the closest thing we get to a love scene is a few hands brushing together on the ballroom floor?

And the costumes!! The costumes!!!

I digress…

Usually, I watch Pride and Prejudice. I have two versions – the BBC version with Colin Firth for when I can’t get off the couch, and the Keira Knightley version for when I can’t stay awake for six hours. No P&P this week though. Here’s what I’ve watched so far:

North and South (5 stars. Richard Armitage in a cravat and top hat. Swoon)
The Crown (4.5 stars. The half star is because Claire Foy looks like friend of mine and that’s weird.)
Jamaica Inn (TBD. Watching as I blog. It’s like Poldark, but skeevier)

Got a favourite costume drama for when you’re sick?

Here’s a book boyfriend poem:

Misters Darcy and Knightley too
Dance with ladies
The whole night through.
Austen, Bronte and Dickens
Keep me company
Until this cold ends

100 Day Summary 

Day 10 — Tomorrow. There will be a walk tomorrow
Minutes today — 0
Total minutes — 270

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