Medium Round Up

photo-1447349854819-113bfdea8bdfAre you on Medium? I started blogging there a few weeks ago. After a lifetime of trying to write nothing but novels, being able to bang out an 800 word essay and sharing it is weirdly gratifying. The little green Recommend heart is has become my new best friend. Here’s what I’m writing these days.

My Inner Editor is Locked in a Box – It’s NaNoWriMo! Have you told your editor to shut the hell up yet?

I Made Friends In Spite of Myself – I’m an introvert. People are weird. Making friends is weirder.

Too Hot to Write – My entry to the Writing Cooperative’s Autumn Writing Challenge. Also, yes I am 🙂

Writing a Novel is Like Back Pain – As seen in ART + Marketing. I know a little about novel writing and a little more about back pain.

Expert Hands – Love letters to old boyfriends.

One of Them is Love – I don’t write much poetry, but I like this one. You can also find it on my Tumblr.

Craft Like a Mother – This is where it all started. How to crochet a blanket while spending the weekend with a bunch of moms.

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